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29 year-old male from Staunton, VA
My name has been Dexter for over twenty four years. Dexter's Laboratory was started when I was in middle school so I caught shit for that. Dexter the Showtime show has been on for two and a half and the books have only been around a little longer then that and now I get shit for that. My parents named me Dexter long before these where around so to every asshole out there who reads my name badge. "NO NOT DEXTER LIKE THE SHOW." But every time someone ask I feel like killing someone. I don't come to your job and say "John like the toilet?"

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WOWI haven't made a journal in a long time. I use work as an excuse but really its not. I only work 4 days a week 12 hour shifts. So with my three days off I should be able to find plenty of time to write something. I have no clue why i don't. Long story short I have been lazy with my profile and I make no promises not to continue to be lazy.
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Name Dexter
Occupation Retail Manager
Birthday January 11th, 1986
Interests Hanging out play video games reading watching movies sleeping
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Music Billy Joel Stroke 9 Coheed The Time White Stripes and others.
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