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Strutter Struttering
24 year-old male from Queanbeyan Australia
A proud but lonely listener to 1970s rock bands, and am one of the few members from Canberra Australia.

Also, I like having friends, but not people that I'll never talk to. If you'd like to be my friend, search for, and join the Rooster Speak group and talk to me through there. If I recognise you from Rooster Speak, then we can be friends.
Or, you can meet me in real life.
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Strutter Struttering
In case you were wonderingFor the last 2 weeks I've been working as a courier, picking up and sending out specimens and reports to and from the specimen reception lab at the Canberra Hospital. I've got 2 weeks left of it until I actually start working in the lab as a lab tech because I'm taking over the main courier who is holidaying to Perth for a wedding. It's great working there because there is always something to do, and the people there are really awesome.

Though the main point of this journal, is to say that working there takes up a lot of my time, as any full time job would, and, because my friends are great friends, I usually have about 3 days out of the week that I only spend about 2 hours at home (other than when I sleep) because I hang out with them after work, which leads me away from my internet life.

I've had semi discussions with a few people in regards to the way I treat alerts here on Rooster Teeth, and if any of you are wondering, I seem to read, watch, look at pictures, essentially deal with what you guys upload, in sort of a bulk way.

I want to, and do, interact with everything that appears in my watch feed here, it's just I might take a while to do so. So if I mod or comment on something you've uploaded around a week ago, I don't want it to weird you out or whatever, it just means I've spent a while away from this site.

tl;dr Work is cool, and to those I watch, I will get to your uploads.......eventually.
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