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30 year-old male from Atlantic Beach, FL
get it sideways!!

p.s. suck it blue

p.s. p.s. no random freind request please.

im on facebook. if you can find me, MUAHAHAHAHA
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Looking for an answer.So I used to be on RvB every day. But I just don't get on here as much anymore. I don't know why. I still love RvB as much as I did then. I guess I'm just looking for a reason to be on here as much as I used to.
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Name jay
Occupation wannabe drifter
Birthday April 9th, 1985
Interests games races i love drifting various other stuff that holds my attention for more than 30 seconds....ooo shiny things.
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Music Ya know what i pretty much listen to everything.
Movies Smokey and the bandit lots of action and just about anythnig with explotions i like it when things go boom.
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