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Everything You Never Needed to Know: 8

For More Random Information that will Never be of Use...

This week's Big Fact is actually like 1.8 Big Facts, so you only get that, but with a consolation prize of a Mini Fact on the same (kinda) topic

This Week in History

September 5
Last day of the Great London Fire. Only 16 people were recorded killed, but over 10,000 buildings were destroyed, including St. Paul’s Cathedral
-1905: End of the Russo-Japanese War. Teddy Roosevelt would win a Nobel Peace Prize for mediating the Treaty
-1972: The Munich Massacre occurs, where Palestinian terrorist group “Black September” kills 11 Israelis at the Munich Olympic Games

September 6
Charles Turner becomes the first bowler to take 250 wickets in an English season. If you understood that, you win!
-1991: Leningrad is renamed its original title, St. Petersburg
-1995: Cal Ripken Jr. of the Baltimore Orioles plays his 2,131st consecutive game, breaking Lou Gehrig’s 56 year standing record

September 7
Dom Pedro I declares Brazil’s independence from Portugal in Sao Paulo
-1901: Boxer Rebellion ends in China
-1936: The very last recorded Tasmanian Tiger dies, leaving the species officially extinct

September 8
Peter Sellers born
-1944: The first V-2 Rocket hits London
-1966: The first episode of Star Trek airs

September 9
Mary Stuart is named Queen of Scots despite being only 9 months old
-1850: California is admitted as the 31st state
-1942: A Japanese plane drops an incendiary bomb on Oregon

September 10
Mary Wollstonecraft died
-1963: 20 Black students enter public schools in Alabama
-2002: Switzerland joins the United Nations

September 11
The Hope Diamond is stolen
-1906: Mahatma Gandhi coins the term “satyagraha” as a means of nonviolent resistance
-1987: Dan Rather, lead anchor for CBS Evening News, walks off stage during airing because a piece on Pope John Paul’s American tour was interrupted for sports. All CBS affiliates showed 6 full minutes of dead air

Mario Puzo’s The Godfather has been quite well regarded as the “true❠beginning of the Mafia genre of anything. The book became three movies (with another one currently in production, albeit not based on any of Puzo’s work). It revolutionized how to show the inner workings of the Mafia, as well as allowing readers/viewers to sympathize with these criminals. But the style is not the only thing that has been duplicated over the years. Names of characters have been taken as templates for Italian crime families over several mediums. While there are many more (which I will let you discover), here are four examples:

(Johnny) Fontaine – A Frank Sinatra style crooner with ties to the New York mafia. The main antagonist of the popular and award winning video game Bioshock is a Bronx gangster named Frank Fontaine
(Frank) Falcone – Los Angeles Don who controls movie based unions. In the films Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, the major mafia family is the Falcone family, run by Carmine Falcone in the former and Sal Maroni (another reference I’ll let you discover)
(Vito) Andolini – Don Vito Corleoneâ€s (Brando [Part 1] and De Nero [Part 2]) original last name before being rechristened “Corleon upon arrival in America. Jack Andolini is a New York gangster in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series
(Anthony) Molinari – San Francisco Don who controls gambling. In the Destroy All Humans! series, the Molinari family is a Las Vegas based Mafia family who run the Nero’s Palazzo Casino, and a minor antagonist faction

I'll make him a copyright offer he can't refuse...

Random Mini Fact: (Film/Mafia) the film Goodfellas uses the word “fuck❠exactly 300 times. This places it as the 9th film in the list of most frequent uses in a major motion picture. The number 1 spot is a documentary on the word itself

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