Hotel Discounts!As you may know, RTX takes place at 3 locations this year: the Austin Convention Center and two hotels nearby- Hilton Austin, and the JW Marriott!

Luckily, we have discounts available at both hotels! Click here to book at the Hilton and click here to book at the JW Marriott (both hotels are within 2 minutes walking distance of the convention center).

And don't forget to get your ticket to RTX 2015! They're going fast, a lot faster than usual, so don't wait! Get yours NOW.
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EricVela Sqorsor
I'm so glad I waited to book this time. Thanks!
#1  Posted 4 months ago
Desayjin Guardian x3
For those of you wanting to book outside the blocked-off time: Call the hotel directly.
#2  Posted 4 months ago
For both hotels, on their websites they list toll-free international phone numbers you can use.
#4  Posted 4 months ago
I called the Hilton this morning around 7:30 Austin time and they told me they were completely booked up for Tuesday, and on the website it shows the rate as $339 for a night with the "these rooms are almost gone, book while you still can!" thing over them
#5  Posted 4 months ago
HOWtwoROCK Stand User
I wonder how much a trip to Austin is?
#3  Posted 4 months ago
Desayjin Guardian x3
You can find your answer, and many others in this forum topic.
#1  Posted 4 months ago
JuliexKitten Cosplayer
Thank you!!!
#4  Posted 4 months ago
Thank you for this!! I was getting worried about booking.
#5  Posted 4 months ago
DiMono Site Admin
So it's $1000 + taxes and fees to book the Hilton for all 5 nights, and $1150 + taxes and fees to book the Marriott for all 5 nights. How much are these hotels normally?
#6  Posted 4 months ago
Lyokoisgreat Sponsor
has anyone tried any travel comparison websites since it maybe cheeper
#4  Posted 3 months ago
Aithne Sponsor
Hilton 249/night
Marriott 302/night
#5  Posted 3 months ago
NobleKat Kat
1200 for a hotel room? enjoy my money hilton.

A WARNING TO ANYONE BOOKING THE HILTON. Theyre going to charge you another 75USD per night as an 'Incidental' upon check in.

It almost fucked me over last year and i was on my way to k1 when i realized my bank account had been completely drained. the incidental will be refunded as long as you don't fuck up the hotel room but you'll need to consider that as well.

They don't mention the incidental in their booking page.

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#7  Posted 4 months ago
NobleKat Kat
good to know. I was simply putting it out there as i've stayed at dozens of hotels across the nation of varying degrees of quality and at bigger fancier ones hosting big events like this and was never once charged an incidental. last year was the first time and it nearly ruined me. my other gue...
#2  Posted 3 months ago
Aithne Sponsor
No, it's good information to share - I and many others appreciated it. :)
#3  Posted 3 months ago
Are there going to be discounts offered for other hotels that are close but aren't the venue hotels? I don't know about everyone else, but I certainly can't afford upwards of $200 a night to stay anywhere...
#8  Posted 4 months ago
Desayjin Guardian x3
We don't know if there will be other hotel deals as of this moment. You can look at this forum topic if you're interested in sharing a room with other attendees. Otherwise, there should be cheaper rates for other hotels that are further away from the venue. Those may be out of comfortable...
#1  Posted 4 months ago
doomtroop83 Gunslinger
Ha ha ha room secured!
#9  Posted 4 months ago
Do we have to pay the reservation amount in full with the Hilton? Sorry I am just unsure, so that I can wait to make the reservation. I have only ever booked the Hilton Anatole with A-kon.
#10  Posted 4 months ago
Mal_Ronin Sponsor
The terms say they will charge a deposit for the first night only.
#1  Posted 4 months ago
Aithne Sponsor
I spoke with a rep from Hilton just now: They will charge a one night room fee plus taxes to your card at time of booking. The fee in cancelable up to 3 days prior to your trip, but you may not get the one night booking fee back.

There's no resort fee at check-in, and they also charge (at check...
#2  Posted 4 months ago
jbug5j Sponsor
we booked our room at the best western. 108 a night and its less than 2 miles away so we can walk if we want :)
#11  Posted 4 months ago
Aideyn Sponsor
Looking for 3 other girls interested in sharing a dual queen at the Austin Hilton, from the 6th to the 10th for $200 a piece. Message me if you're interested!
#12  Posted 4 months ago
You should check out this thread and use the room share spreadsheet! It'll be a lot more visible there, and it's a central location for everyone looking for roommates.
#1  Posted 3 months ago
Aideyn Sponsor
Thank you very much!
#2  Posted 3 months ago
Gamer3427 taC terceS
Is there any chance we can get hotel deals for something other than just these two hotels? I'm going to be stretching my budget as is just paying for the cost of travel, without including $200 a night plus fees for a hotel room. Just staying two nights would cost as much if not more than my plane tickets.....
#13  Posted 4 months ago
Gamer3427 taC terceS
I thought about it, but the drive would end up being just as expensive as flying, since I don't have a car reliable enough to risk the long trip. Which means I'd have to rent one, while still paying for gas, and possibly a hotel along the way for sleep.....
#2  Posted 4 months ago
jbug5j Sponsor
sadface. i wish we could fly. i love flying. :) ALSO your trip will be much more enjoyable. way less time traveling and more time exploring. :) Happy flying!
#3  Posted 4 months ago
DizzyDaeze Sponsor
You guys are so amazing for having these discounts. Y'all saved me over $500! I need a close hotel because I had serious back surgery and am still recovering and I would have paid $1200 for my room at the closest hotel available before these discounts came out! Y'all are so amazing! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

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#14  Posted 4 months ago
Tigrera Sponsor
And booked!
#15  Posted 4 months ago
Booked at the Hilton!
#16  Posted 4 months ago
capWOOPYpant Guardian2015
These don't seem like deals to me. I paid $153 a night last year at the same Hilton.
#17  Posted 4 months ago
davereyn Sponsor
Yeah...these are not good deals. Two years ago we got the Hyatt two blocks away from the convention for $100/night. That hotel is normally $250/night.
#6  Posted 3 months ago
someblindMAN AH_blindMAN
I was thinking the same thing. We ended up getting the Raddison just two or so blocks from the convention center for $100 less than it would have cost using either of the deals.
#7  Posted 3 months ago
ItsMeBrad darBeMstI
I need your guy's jobs.

$1,000 for 5 nights, plus tickets, food, souvenirs, drinks, etc.

I bow out of trying to go to my first RTX. Le sigh.
#18  Posted 4 months ago
Evasesh Sponsor
Im kind of sad, I purchased my tickets for the event the other week. Now Im not sure if I can even go, unexpected expenses came up and drained most of my traveling fund..... looks like 80.00 down the drain and a weekend pass that wont be used.
#19  Posted 4 months ago
You don't have to let your $80 go wasted!! My friends and I are going on a senior trio to RTX and they got their tickets but I wasn't able to because they're sold out! I will buy yours at the exact price you got it I promise you! I need your ticket please message me back!!
#1  Posted 3 months ago
xJayFromVA Sponsor
What exactly goes on at the RTX events? I know I saw a few things like Lets Play Live where they played GTA for an audience. I'm also guessing some signing sessions for fans. I'm kind of new to these kind of events so if anyone has ever gone whats the experience like? I don't have that kind of money so I'm not expecting to go but it would be cool to hear someone's experience.
#20  Posted 3 months ago
RTX is like most other conventions, except with a narrower focus. There is a Center Stage, where tournaments, Let's Plays, How Tos, and more are done live; exhibitors galore for art, shirts, tech, games, you name it; signing sessions with RT staff and special guests; panels by RT, community me...
#1  Posted 3 months ago
xJayFromVA Sponsor
That's neat! One day I gotta make it out there... That would be fun to experience. Thanks for lettin me know!
#2  Posted 3 months ago
nitoV Sponsor
Sad face - I'm at the gamescom this year. Hopefully I get the chance next year. Greetings from Germany :D
#21  Posted 3 months ago
zero_requiem Sponsor
One thing I don't get, is why RTX is listed for the 5-10, despite the convention just being between 7-9?
#22  Posted 3 months ago
Desayjin Guardian x3
A lot of fans spend time in Austin before and after the actual convention itself. SideQuest has a lot of activities going on during those times as well.
#1  Posted 3 months ago
DrknssRules1 Sponsor
Is RTX longer this year, cause it's marked the event for more than the usual three days it usually is. How long do I need to stay, I must know before I book! Lmao, no seriously though, are there extra events going on this year for those marked extra days or what?
#23  Posted 3 months ago
zero_requiem Sponsor
I too have been trying to figure that out. I almost got an extra day at the hotel, but I can't shell out an extra 250 or so for something nebulous. I like the fact that RTX starts around 10 am on Friday, and wraps up early afternoon on Sunday. That's the way it should be.
#2  Posted 3 months ago
MattSeemann Sponsor
Those are the days the hotel is offering the event rate. A lot of people come in the day before/leave the day after so events negotiate the discounted rate to cover extra days their attendees might stay. Otherwise your room would $200 one night and $300-400 another making it much more expensive.
#3  Posted 3 months ago
Phraa93 Sponsor
I hope you guys have some deals planned for hotels that are slightly farther away. These prices are still fucking ridiculous. Everyone in these comments have to be fucking rich to think this is okay. I would rather park a few miles away and walk or even drive if we could get some parking deals for the nearby garages. I'm already struggling to afford a weekend there and these "deals" don't help.
#24  Posted 3 months ago
xJayFromVA Sponsor
I know lol! Supply and demand I suppose. If I ever went i would have to sleep in my car.
#1  Posted 3 months ago
serendie Sponsor
I'm the farthest thing from rich... I'm simply splitting the cost with a friend.
#2  Posted 3 months ago
fondueit monarch
Still trying to see if I can get the money to go ;n;
#25  Posted 3 months ago
nursem P00NSL4Y0r69
For those of you looking to save money, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT use these hotel offers, Bundle your flight and hotel on a separate site such as Expedia, or Orbitz, I was able to get 4 nights Hotel and Round trip air for Under $500 a person for my group of 2. Staying at the Wyndham Garden and flying SouthWest
#26  Posted 3 months ago
HeCTiCxDreLL Sponsor
Are there going to be more weekend passes made available? I have the chance to go this year but weekend passes are sold out. Living so far away I wouldn't go for only one day. If anyone can help me with this I would be extremely grateful!!
#27  Posted 3 months ago
As of right now, weekend passes are sold out. Sometimes, passes are reclaimed if the person who bought them decided to get a refund. Those *MAY* get posted again, but please do not count on it.

Alternatively, you can check out the RTX 2015 Forum Buy/Sell thread and see if someone is willing to sell yo...
#1  Posted 3 months ago
Great that this event has enough attention to have deals with hotels and accommodations
#28  Posted 3 months ago
Please tell me that tickets won't be sold out forever--my family already booked our flight and hotel when we realized that virtually all of them were already gone, and we can't afford to let all that money go down the drain for a trip we're not taking. I'm really really looking forward to meeting you guys, and if there's no way to get tickets after mid may then I don't know what to do. :(
#29  Posted 3 months ago
For right now, tickets are sold out.

There maybe a chance if tickets are reclaimed via refunds or the ticket insurance policy people could buy. If that's the case, keep an eye on the ticket site, @RTXEvent on Twitter, and RTXEvent.com

If you cannot get tickets, you can usually cancel a hotel room...
#1  Posted 3 months ago
I made a reservation at the jw marriot, when do they usually charge you/how much do they charge you initially?
#30  Posted 2 months ago
You would have to call the hotel for that information.
#1  Posted 2 months ago
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