Plantronics GameCom at RTX!

We're super excited to announce that Plantronics GameCom will be the Official Headset of RTX 2012! They will have a booth in the eSports area and are providing all RTX tournament stations with GameCom headsets.

GameCom will be showcasing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO beta) with their new GameCom 780 headsets on Alienware M17 laptops at their booth. They'll also have a survey station that will be awarding prizes (including headsets) throughout the event. Best part... if you win, you get the prize right then and there! Finally, if you're in the market for a new headset, make sure to check-out their RTX-only discounted prices (so low, we can't post them here)!
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3SJiveTurkey Sponsor
This is awesome! I can't wait to check out CSGo
#1  Posted 1 year ago
GB330033 RT SideQuest
Hmmmm... I AM in the market for a new headset. I was looking at Astro, but it can't hurt to shop around!
#2  Posted 1 year ago
These headsets, even the low end ones, are pretty great.
#3  Posted 1 year ago
r0n0c Sponsor
This is awesome and perfect timing since I'm looking to get a good pair of gaming headphones!
#4  Posted 1 year ago
cbouwkamp 8Bit RT
I need a headset so I may be getting some
#5  Posted 1 year ago
hegelbagel Sponsor
Goddammit i'm gonna be broke after this trip...
#6  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 3 Ditto
i need 2 tickets
#7  Posted 1 year ago
Yes! I'm in the market for a new headset and have found what I am getting!
#8  Posted 1 year ago
Too bad Plantronics are made of glass.
#9  Posted 1 year ago
holy shit thats my brand of headphones which i didn't really know except it sounded familiar so i checked my headset. BTW more comfy than tritons or turtle beaches
#10  Posted 1 year ago
ashiemashie MerpMerp
I have a Gamecom 780 headset :D I won it at Sydney Supanova haha XD They are awesome by the way.
#11  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 1 Cool
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