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So I've made it two months. Even though it's only just a handful of stories/prompts, I'm still happy with what I've done so far. Things are only going to get better from here on out!

Today's post is the last Valentine's Day themed entry that I did for Feb. I ended it with a little something extra. I hope you like it!

I already have a story set for next week and it's probably my favorite thing I've written so far (besides today's entry). I'm super excited to share it with you all.
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Lazer Team (teaser)
"I love this thing!"

Exactly what I was thinking.
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Give 110% to everything you do.You have only one life. Make use of it while you can.

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Let's Make a Short at RTX 2015!Hello joe! What do you know? Just got back from Kokomo?

So as you may (or may not) recall, in recent years a small group of us came together and made shorts during RTX. Well this year the tradition lives on! We recently locked down a script that we plan to shoot this August during the RTX 2015 weekend. Hooray! Now we're taking the next step and looking to recruit some more people from the beloved community to help on our adventure in babysitting FILMMAKING!

If you would like to help promote, support, or even join us on this adventure, this link has all the relevant information.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Love you!
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Write a story every weekAbout a week ago or so I posted about a new project I'm doing in which I plan to write at least two stories a month for the rest of the year. I upped it to a story at week and currently have three stories posted on the site. This weeks story is Destiny related since I've been playing that a lot lately.

I have a couple more stories slated for the coming weeks with a few more ideas brewing in the background. I'm super excited about this project, mostly because it's forcing me to work out my writing muscles which I don't feel I do enough of.

Jeremy Thatcher
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