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Dirt410 110Percent
Dirt410 110Percent
Just waiting on that tax return nowBooked my place at Austin Hostel.

Now just waiting for my state return to come in so I can book my flight.

I am excited.
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Dirt410 110Percent
Let me ask a personal questionBefore anyone asks, this is purely academic / for research. Nothing is going wrong, everything is fine. Just curious about this.

Now do note that is the internet (duh), and this might be seen by people you might not want to view it, so only respond with what you feel comfortable talking about.

(If you would rather send an e-mail as to ensure that I am the only one [read: also NSA] that sees it: Dirt410@gmail.com]

Was there ever a time in your life, specifically a particular moment, event or period in which you felt lost and alone or out of place, felt like an outsider or that you didn't fit in? Tell me about it.

Bonus points if it deals with racism, sexism, or homophobia. But it does not have to be any of those topics.

Please be as specific as you can, but you can change names and/or places if you feel more comfortable doing that.

To reiterate, this is purely academic. I'm currently writing for a project and need some inspiration and varying viewpoints other than my own.

Thank you.

I love you all.
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Dirt410 110Percent
RTX Hotel PlansWho's got one? Who wants in on one?

I'm thinking of grabbing 3 or 4 of you people and shoving you into a room with me (not in that kind of way(unless you want(and you know you do))).
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...What happened to my sponsorship? I thought I had it on renewal. Even then I thought I'd be sent an email or notice when it was about to expire...
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Jeremy Thatcherjeremythatcher.com

So I've made it two months. Even though it's only just a handful of stories/prompts, I'm still happy with what I've done so far. Things are only going to get better from here on out!

Today's post is the last Valentine's Day themed entry that I did for Feb. I ended it with a little something extra. I hope you like it!

I already have a story set for next week and it's probably my favorite thing I've written so far (besides today's entry). I'm super excited to share it with you all.
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Lazer Team (teaser)
"I love this thing!"

Exactly what I was thinking.
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