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Dirt410 NicFontaine
Dirt410 NicFontaine
Write a story every weekAbout a week ago or so I posted about a new project I'm doing in which I plan to write at least two stories a month for the rest of the year. I upped it to a story at week and currently have three stories posted on the site. This weeks story is Destiny related since I've been playing that a lot lately.

I have a couple more stories slated for the coming weeks with a few more ideas brewing in the background. I'm super excited about this project, mostly because it's forcing me to work out my writing muscles which I don't feel I do enough of.

Jeremy Thatcher
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Dirt410 NicFontaine
I always thought I was dumbbut TLR proved it.

thanks @sixromeo
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Dirt410 NicFontaine
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Dirt410 NicFontaine
60 down, 30+ to go40+ pages in just one week.

It's like I'm a real writer!
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Dirt410 NicFontaine
Here, take this.It's a chill pill.

You need it.
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Dirt410 NicFontaine
Have I written an actual journal lately?I don't think I have, so let's do this.

Hi! How are you? Oh, that's cool. Congratulations on that promotion/new job/getting engaged/getting married/improving your life! Me? Oh, you know the same old, same old. Broke. 25. Single. Still living at home. You know, like the cool kids do. The cool kids are the ones with neckbeards, right? So what's new with me? Honestly, I don't know. Even though I saw I have just over 50 people who watch me, I have a feeling most of them don't actually read or participate in my journals. Oh well. My loss I guess.

If you've spent more than ten minutes talking to me then you've probably heard me mumble something along the lines of "mimmwrmitngmamenfcrengmplaym" which translates to "i'm writing a screenplay". And I did! And it sucked! Like first one's usually do, so I hear. So yeah, I finally finished that screenplay. And even though I think I could go back and make it better, I'm putting it aside (at least for now). I'm taking it as a "learning moment" or whatever you call it.

It took me around two years to finish that. Mostly because I took huge swaths of time not writing in between. While I do think that time away from writing let me live life without looking at it under microscope, my idea for what the screenplay was and my excitement for it changed. When I did get back to it, I ended up rewriting a lot as I wrote which meant rewriting almost everything before I even finished writing the first draft. It wasn't even just "let me make this good", it was "this cool idea doesn't work if this character isn't in here in that scene six pages ago" or "this is what this character should be so now I have to rewrite every scene to reflect that change". Lesson learned. Finish first draft first. Then and only then rewrite.

I finally finished that screenplay a few months ago. Took some time off from writing screenplays, although not much, and when it came time again for my parents to be asking me about finding another job, inspiration struck me once more. I now find myself within the midst of yet another feature length screenplay. I can honestly say this one is already better, structurally, than the previous. While it's still early and I can already see some of its faults and where I need to improve, I'm keeping myself from rewriting much of it as I go. I have pages of notes on the side for when better ideas come, then I'll implement them later on the rewrite.

Wow, holy shit this journal became longer than expected! I guess I hit my quota for the year. Back into my cave for the remainder of forever.

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Dirt410 NicFontaine
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