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I'm not saying you have to have PhD or even studied it academically, but I find most people are a blank slate when you prod past the surface of whatever 'neat science thing' of the day is.
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Mirror's EdgeI absolutely love this game. It's buggy but goddamn is it amazing

One of my favorite aesthetics hands down. Up there with Bastion, Ni No Kuni, and Portal in my personal favorites.

Unrelated, this pale ale made out of random ingredients I had at my house is fucking awesome. If you visit I will give you free beer.

Also I'm out of commission for the gym. Not lifting or climbing is really hard now that it's build into my routine and something I love.

I also may or may not have spent my self-allocated fun part of my tax return on gym gear made by small American businesses. As of late I've been trying to be a consumer conscious of where my dollars go.

So, yup. Spent my Valentines playing League with some awesome people from here and then drinking beer and wishing I could lift. Fuck forever alone. I'm forever a boss. Thought you knew where this journal was going eh? Chump.

But you're not really a chump.



I have a blog now:


It's been stale but I have some posts written to go up. I'll probably copy some of them here anyway. I'll probably relegate the brewing and lifting posts there. So if you're interested in that kind of thing please read and comment if you so desire. If not, that's cool, not everyone is into everything.
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I finally understand wearing yoga pants. I just got a pair of compression leggings. It's like a continual hug for you legs and ass.
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Gotta Brag A Little BitI've been weightlifting for awhile now. Way too long for this goal though. I should been here awhile ago and it's not quite a respectable lift yet. But today I deadlifted 315 for one. Still proud, next step 405 for one.
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Facing FearsI never thought I'd ever say this in my life but...

I've taken up rock climbing.

Only bouldering indoors, but this is a pretty big step for me. I have previously had an absolutely crippling fear of heights.
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RE: Disney Lucasfilm TakeoverMovies released since they've taken over Marvel: Thor, Captain America, Spiderman, X:Men First Class, The Avengers.

Having George Lucas help with plot and world building with pretty much anyone else writing and directing is fine by me.
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