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22 year-old male from Canberra ACT Australia
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Lazer Team FundraiserFunny thing about this RT fundraiser, is I can finally put a value to all the cool things I've done regarding Rooster Teeth.

I got a Sarge voicemail message for free that i have used for years. Worth $400.

I basically had VIP RTX tickets at the first RTX for being Aussie. Worth $500.

I've already been in an RT Short. Or rather Immersion video. Worth $3000.

An evening with Michael Jones. Monty Oum was there too. @Jakey was with me when we did this. Worth $3000.

Appear in RvB. I might not have actually been in the show, but I recorded Tucker lines in the actual booth they use for RvB. Even had the classic filter applied. Worth $5000.

I've watched Jack and Geoff make AH videos and hung out in the AH office with the gang. Worth $7,500.

Total: $19,400. I only spent $15k to do all this, plus way more that aren't perks for the fundraiser. I feel like I did pretty damn well.

So go ahead and donate! Just try to be as cool as me! :P
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