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Being Punished for PlayingI usually don't complain about when I given something for free, but since this has been bugging for the last couple of days, I have felt a need to vent my frustration.

So I watched the top five where the easiest games to 1000 point were featured. I saw the the fast and furious standalone in the list, and I thoughtit'd be fun. I hadn't sat down and seriously played a video game in a while because of my work schedule. So I downloaded it for my xbox one, and I had an absolute blast.

So, I had the idea, if I could finish this game easily on the xbox one, I could finish the 360 version just as quickly. Oh how I was wrong. In the xbox one version I never had to touch the pause menu except to make waypoints. For the last 3 races in the 360 version, I had to lower the difficulty, because the computer was taking the fun out of the game. I know that racing games aren't supposed to just let the human driver win, but these races became unbearable, so it was sucking out the fun. Oh, the final race is the worst. I spent 4 days trying to beat that stupid plane, and the only way I beat was forum hopping trying to figure out the perfect combinations for settings, and realizing the only way to follow exactly what that green line told me to do. I literally jumped for joy when I finally got the achievement.

I have a problem with this. I've heard other people talk about this, but it just seemed for the last bit, I was being punished for trying to complete the game. It's things like this that make most people not wanting to finish games. It's why we all have a pile of shame. Now I know that most people playing games like Bloodborne are thinking that games are supposed to be a challenge. While I agree for the most part, when you have a game that is supposed to be a selling point for another game, punishing the player isn't the best selling point.

So, I just wish that games could be an enjoyable experience all the way through, and not throw some bullshi...
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