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gus RT Cast & Crew
Take our survey!Allow me to interrupt our stream of content with a quick request. Once a year we like to take a survey of people who visit our site and watch our content and it is time for us to ask you to please take this survey for us. It should take less than five minutes to complete and every question is optional, so if you don't like a question just skip it. We keep all your responses anonymous and we don't tie the survey results to your account or anything. Please if you have a few spare minutes take the survey and answer honestly. We want to get an idea of who you people are and this helps us make sure we continue to make content you guys enjoy. Thanks!
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The RWBY Premiere!Today is the day- Episode 1 of RWBY is released upon the world. We have a ton of awesome things going on to celebrate- READ ON!

1 PM Central/11 AM Pacific
Join MTV Geek for an exclusive clip from the first episode AND a Live Stream from San Diego Comic Con with some of the RWBY Cast! Watch it here!

4 PM Central/2 PM Pacific
To get pumped up for the episode release, we'll be doing another live stream- this time from the office! Join some of the cast and crew as we take your questions and talk about how we're all excited for this series. This stream is for everyone, and will be on our YouTube Channel and the RT Site!

5 PM Central/3 PM Pacific
Episode 1 of RWBY is released for Sponsors on See More
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RTX 2013 SurveyDid you attend RTX 2013?

We'd love it if you would take 5 minutes to fill out this short Questionnaire about your experience. We can only make our event better by knowing what you liked and what you didn't like. Responses are anonymous, so feel free to tell us your thoughts. We appreciate your feedback!

Thank you! <3

The RTX Team
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RTX 2013 Shirts Hey everyone!

Our RTX 2013 shirt was a huge hit at our event. Sadly, we didn't have enough for everyone. That's why we're here with good news- We will be taking orders for those attendees who did not receive an RTX shirt this year. All we need is your badge number. There will be no shipping costs (unless you add another product to your cart) and the shirt is $20 flat. We will be taking orders for 7 days, and after that, will have those shirts printed and shipped (so be patient with receiving it).

Click here to get it!

Thanks to all who came out this year, we love you!
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RWBY PremiereAt RTX 2013, we premiered the first episode of RWBY to a LIVE audience of over 3000 people (and then some in our overflow room!) The reaction was incredible, as you can see in this RWBY Panel RTX video!

We're happy to announce that RWBY will premiere for the public on July 18th on We could not be more excited to show off this brand new series to everyone. We'll see you in 9 days for Episode 1 of RWBY!
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brandon RT Cast & Crew
Free Photos at Green Screen Photo Booth at RTX 2013!Hey Guys! I hope you are enjoying RTX! We have a special booth setup for fans to get their pictures taken in front of a giant green screen and have their likeness dropped into one of many Rooster Teeth backgrounds! You can see some of the first photos here. Come check it out at Booth

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matt RT Cast & Crew
RTX UpdatesWe are posting lots of RTX pics and updates on our RTX Facebook page. Today was amazing - looking forward to tomorrow!
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