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RTX Australia: Tickets on SaleRTX Tickets went on sale a few hours ago; you can still get yours here! But hurry, they are going fast! You Australians are eager, aren't ya?

We can't wait to see you in Sydney this January!
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Barbara RT Cast & Crew
Recap: Week of June 8-14, 2015Howdy! Here's what went down in the land of RT for the week of June 8-14, 2015.

New in the RT Store
Nothing new, but a reminder we have two new DVDs from last week now in store! Tons of bonus content, BTS, interviews, and more!
- RT Shorts Volume 4 & 5 DVD
- Best of RTAA Vol. 2 DVD

Rooster Teeth
- RT Podcast #327 w/ Gus, Gavin, Barbara, Burnie
- RT Podcast #327 Post Show for Sponsors
- Let's Play Minimations #9: Technical Difficulties
- Red vs. Blue Season 13, Episode 10 (Available tomorrow for the public!)
- How To: Kidz!
- On The Spot #24: Danny LaBido
- RT Life: Testosterone Battle
- Bonus RT Life for Sponsors: Funhaus Mic Test & Blaine's Wild Ride

Achievement Hunter
- AHWU #268
- MegaCraft: Super Mario Sunshine pt 2
- Top 5: Dinosaur Games
- TTD in GTAV - Slippy Race
- GO #85: Spare Games
- HUNT: Jack vs. Gavin
- TTD in Minecraft: Ender Cannon
- VS Episode 119: Jeremy vs. Lindsay
- Rage Quit: Jurassic Park
- Fails of the Weak #247
- Let's Watch- The Lost World: Jurassic Park
- Let's Watch- The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Ryan's Attempt
- Let's Play GTAV- The Pacific Standard Job pt 3
- Let's Play - Destiny: Prison of Elders
- Let's Play: Orion Prelude
- Let's Play- Ark: Survival Evolved
- Let's Play - Minecraft Episode 159: Dino Dads
- Podcast Let's Play- Contagion: Couples Therapy

- Demo Disk- Frozen and Pregnant
- Open Haus #17: How to be Cool
- Dude Soup Podcast #19: Dark Souls 3 Leaked?
- Mod Gameplay: The Flash in GTAV
- Mod Gameplay: Green Lantern in GTAV
- Sims 4 Robbaz Challenge: Dumb Avengers #3
- FAQ Podcast- Oculus Rift Worth the Money?
- Manhunter Gameplay Part 2: Hungry for Killing

The Know
- The Patch #108
- The Patch Game Club: Long Live the Queen
- The Know it All

Other Stuff & News
- Slow Mo Guys: Spinning Water Galaxies
- New RvB13 Wallpapers! #TheEndIsNear
- NEWS: Rooster Teeth will be hosting YouTube's official E3 Coverage all week long! You can tune in sta...
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RTX... AUSTRALIA?!?!That's right, folks.
We just announced the first ever RTX AUSTRALIA! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? We are beyond excited to be able to expand RTX, and to travel across the globe to meet more of you wonderful people.
We've teamed up with Hanabee (our fabulous Australian distributors) and Supanova (a huge, multi-convention organization) to bring you the first ever RTX Australia.

More details coming soon, including date, city, and when tickets go up. If you're at Supanova Sydney next weekend, Hanabee will have more information at their panel, and of course, keep an eye on, as well as the RTXAU Twitter and Facebook page!

See you down under, soon!

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Barbara RT Cast & Crew
RTX Harassment PolicyWith recent news of harassment experienced by attendees at other conventions, I want to remind everyone that RTX has ZERO TOLERANCE for any type of harassment.

Our Harassment Policy is as follows:

NO Verbal harassment will be tolerated. Verbal harassment includes:
- Unwanted aggressive or threatening comments
- Negative comments regarding race, origin, gender, gender identity,disability, religious affiliation, age, physical appearance, language, sexual orientation, or bathroom policing.*
*Bathroom policing is the act of trying to monitor or control who is allowed to use which gender-designated restroom, and is not allowed.

NO physical harassment will be tolerated. Physical harassment includes:
- Photographs taken without consent
- Unwanted/non-consensual touching (and a reminder that Cosplay DOES NOT equal consent)
- Stalking
- Assault/physical violence
- Disruption of panels, signings, or other events.

RTX is honored to host an incredible lineup of talented guests each year and treating them with respect is essential to booking them. Keep all of the above harassment guidelines in mind while attending these events and help us ensure that both attendees and special guests alike enjoy RTX.

Who does this policy apply to?
EVERYONE. Attendees, staff, volunteers, guests, panelists, retailers, everyone!

What do you do if you’re being harassed?
Report any harassment to a staff member or Guardian (volunteer) immediately!

What are the consequences of harassing someone at RTX?
Convention officials and/or security personnel will take necessary measures to ensure that RTX is a harassment-free event, which can simply mean separating the individuals in conflict.
However, it can include consequences as severe as expulsion from the convention without a refund or contacting local law enforcement.

Rooster Teeth is supported by an accepting and nurturing fan community and we're committed to making sure that we bring that spirit to our event. Have fun, celebrate the community, and respect one another...
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RTX Guest Announcement!It's getting close to RTX, which means we'll be rolling out announcements more and more as time goes on. Today, we are thrilled to tell you that (for the first time ever) we'll be joined by THACtv, creators of Marble Hornets!

Give 'em a warm welcome! Let's show them what RTX is all about.

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Hotel Discounts!As you may know, RTX takes place at 3 locations this year: the Austin Convention Center and two hotels nearby- Hilton Austin, and the JW Marriott!

Luckily, we have discounts available at both hotels! Click here to book at the Hilton and click here to book at the JW Marriott (both hotels are within 2 minutes walking distance of the convention center).

And don't forget to get your ticket to RTX 2015! They're going fast, a lot faster than usual, so don't wait! Get yours NOW.
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Barbara RT Cast & Crew
It's our 12-Year Anniversary!Hello, friends!

TODAY IS ROOSTER TEETH'S 12-YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Soon we'll be older than YOU! Yes, it makes sense, just go with it.

Since we like to go big for our big day, we have some special surprises and announcements.


To celebrate 12 years, we're having a SALE in the RT Store! 12% off for 12 days in ALL stores (US, UK, and Australia)! Use the code "RT12YEARS" at checkout to get your discount. To sweeten the deal even more, we also have new items in our store, including all the Red vs. Blue Character Prints we've been posting on our site, the RWBY Nora figure, new button packs, and more!


Red vs. Blue Season 13, Episode 1 was released yesterday for Sponsors, but is available for everyone today at 5 PM CT! Sponsors will get to see RvB (as well as many other popular series) a whole day early moving forward, so get your Sponsorship NOW!


Rooster Teeth is proud to announce it's venture into the App world! We've just released our first one for you all to try - It's called Shaft Shots! Get a look here.


A new episode of Sunday Driving is coming this Sunday, but starting today, AH will be doing a play-through of Borderlands the PreSequel where the guys use melee and no guns. See that on or !


We've been doing more than ever for our Sponsors lately, so if you have yet to become a Sponsor, you might not realize what you're missing. First, we're releasing some of our biggest shows early - a whole DAY early! Be the first to see RvB, Let's Play Minecraft, Happy Hour, Shorts, and more to come.

Additionally, we've been adding more and more sponsor-only content, like SponsorCasts - check out the most recent one with Matt, Joel, Gus, and Geoff!

Another bonus for Sponsors: RWBY: Grimm Eclipse is available for you to test out, now with updates! We've added Extermination Mode and ...
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Panels & Artist's Alley!Hey folks!

As you've heard, RTX 2015 is August 7-9 2015, and tickets are on sale. We're happy to tell you that today, we've also put Panel Applications up! If you have a panel that you'd like to hold at RTX, click here to submit yours! Keep in mind, this application is NOT for ideas or suggestions, but for people who have a panel they'd like to host at the event.

We also announced that we are opening up our show floor to artists who'd like to sell and display their artwork in RTX's first ever Artist's Alley! If you are interested, please email Keep in mind, you cannot sell anything that you do not have the rights to (this includes Rooster Teeth fan art). All those details are in our exhibitor packet, if you are interested to read more.

And lastly, we know you've all been dying to hear about Hotel Discounts - we will have that information very soon, we are just finalizing some details. SOON!

Don't forget to pick up your tickets if you haven't yet!
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RTX 2015 TicketsIn case you missed the announcements, RTX 2015 tickets are on sale! Don't wait - get yours today, as they are selling FAST!
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gus RT Cast & Crew
RTX 2015 ticketsSO, it's that time of year again. We are ready to put RTX badges up for sale, so be sure to come back tomorrow at 3PM Central time to get them ( ).

Before badges go up for sale I want to make a few announcements to keep you guys in the loop. This year RTX is expanding. The past couple of years we have been in the Austin Convention Center which is a fantastic venue. In order to accommodate the continued phenomenal growth of RTX we are expanding and in addition to the Austin Convention Center we will also have space in the Hilton across the street and the beautiful brand new JW Marriott which is two blocks away from the convention center. We are working on finalizing hotel deals so please don't book a hotel yet. We'll have a great rate for you guys at those hotels as well as the other usual suspects we get rates for every year.

We also are unveiling a new exclusive VIP level pass for the show. Some of these were previously offered as part of a perk package for the Lazer Team Indiegogo and we will have a very limited number of them available when tickets go on sale tomorrow. By no means does this mean that the standard pass is in any way less special than it was in previous years. The VIP level badge has always existed, we merely gave them out to friends and family rather than selling them. This year we are allowing a small number of them to be purchased. Further details about what these offer will be posted tomorrow when the tickets go live.

If you attended Let's Play Live you'll remember you were promised a discount code for RTX badges. We will send you those unique codes to you via email tonight so that you have them when badges go live tomorrow. Make sure you check your spam folder for the email and/or add to your address book to avoid the email going to your spam.

Check back here or follow @rtxevent on twitter to keep up to date.

Badges go on sale...
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