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RTX 2014, Austin Texas Forums
RTX 2011
The first annual RTX was a 3 day community event for the best fans in the world.
72 Topics
1,396 Posts
RTX 2012
RTX 2012 is an event that brings together gamers and game companies to celebrate the things we all love!
174 Topics
4,785 Posts
RTX 2013
RTX 2013 is an event that brings together gamers and game companies to celebrate the things we all love!
208 Topics
17,319 Posts
RTX 2014
RTX 2014 is an event that brings together gamers and game companies to celebrate the things we all love!
281 Topics
21,229 Posts

Rooster Teeth Forums
General Forums
First Stop
Don't be a moronic noob. Come here first. Then go be a moron.
10 Topics
97,591 Posts
Website and Mobile Apps
For anything to do with the site or our iPhone app.
1,036 Topics
41,949 Posts
RT Events
This is where you talk about how much you like us and want to meet us.
400 Topics
66,979 Posts
General Discussion
The main forum for topics on everything. Bear in mind, the universe is finite.
3,707 Topics
787,547 Posts
Project Forums
Red vs. Blue
It's just one big RvB love fest in here.
879 Topics
985,718 Posts
RT Originals
Our live action projects including RT Shorts and Immersion.
1,066 Topics
152,173 Posts
Achievement Hunter
Discuss original AH content such as AHWU, Fails of the Weak and HORSE.
723 Topics
36,674 Posts
Rooster Teeth Podcast
The RT crew discuss gaming, films and projects that they are currently working on.
4,199 Topics
57,024 Posts
General Gaming
Non platform specific cultural jibberjabber.
3,815 Topics
198,970 Posts
PC Gaming
You should be using your computer for better things.
2,583 Topics
229,113 Posts
Yes, it has its own forum.
2,541 Topics
368,581 Posts
Classics & Handhelds
Because handhelds play classic games. Get it?
858 Topics
89,073 Posts
Board Games & Tabletop Games
Because electricity is for n00bs.
568 Topics
86,350 Posts
Xbox 360
Come in here and pretend like you have one.
2,254 Topics
281,487 Posts
Playstation 3
Quit lying, everybody knows you don't really have one.
424 Topics
40,255 Posts
Wii love you.
361 Topics
67,369 Posts
If you see something orange, hit it really hard.
1,792 Topics
417,008 Posts
Each person with the best post moves on to the next thread.
86 Topics
933 Posts
No, no one has ever heard of that band. Yes, you are very cool for knowing about them. Now shut up.
3,208 Topics
921,593 Posts
Like games without the joysticks.
2,477 Topics
499,856 Posts
Film Making & Machinima
Discuss projects, concepts, stories and the like.
3,495 Topics
103,394 Posts
For people who don't like to hear stuff.
1,225 Topics
99,217 Posts
Just like movies, only smaller and more square.
1,303 Topics
518,865 Posts
Comics & Anime
Still only 75 cents.
1,972 Topics
372,224 Posts
The Billboard
Do your pimping here, yo.
1,552 Topics
61,283 Posts
So that you kids will stop drawing on the walls.
726 Topics
100,476 Posts
Other Stuff
Hardware, gadgets, etc. Pretend like you know what you are talking about in here.
4,809 Topics
146,739 Posts
Where you are always picked last to post.
1,769 Topics
760,967 Posts
Politics & Current Events
Where people who live in the same country come to hate each other.
1,437 Topics
243,751 Posts
Lopez's Garage
If it has an engine, bring it here.
435 Topics
154,408 Posts
Philosophy & Theology
Putting the universe in context, one horribly offensive post at a time.
302 Topics
40,307 Posts
Rock Bottom
The Basement
If you get offended by words on a monitor, you should stay out of here.
3,763 Topics
873,391 Posts
Forum Games
Not a Gaming Forum but a forum for games.
2,706 Topics
3,054,261 Posts
The Strangerhood
Rooster Teeth's Sims 2 project.
398 Topics
11,771 Posts
Like a PC, only way heavier.
709 Topics
48,922 Posts
It plays things while remaining stationary.
896 Topics
146,074 Posts
Just like your mom's purse.
384 Topics
69,266 Posts
The Sims
Even if you don't have a real life, you can still have a virtual life in these games.
144 Topics
4,726 Posts
People Acting Normal in Crazy ass Situations.
42 Topics
3,531 Posts
Who you gonna call?
47 Topics
2,444 Posts
RT Live Help
If you've got a problem with RT Live, come in here.
41 Topics
384 Posts