Internet Box Podcast
July 6th, 2:00 PM, 2014 to 3:00 PM, 2014 in Room 18 at RTX 2014
Our podcast might be over, but we’re bringing it back one more time for you- the people! Come to our panel, and join us for the IB Reunion.
7 Hosts
Lindsay Jones
Ray N.
Kerry Shawcross
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huge decision, this or rt podcast. at least the rt podcast will probably be streamed and or recorded, ill be there for this internet box reunion!
11 months ago
IanTatum Sponsor
This, this is the main reason i'm going.
10 months ago
EmptyPages Mistborn
Will this be audio recorded for us lowly fans?
10 months ago
SnarkyShawn Psychic
:( hopefully those who miss it might be able to get the audio. If not oh well.
10 months ago
DeathBat6661 Sponsor
Im glad ill get to see the IB crew together, even if most of them cant stand each other anymore. Internet Box Forever!
10 months ago
AnthonyRioja awkward king
of course im gonna be here.
11 months ago
Bigmasonmc Sponsor
I'll stand in line as long as I need to! Ahhhh it's during the RT podcast panel. This is a big decision!

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11 months ago
Guys this is it, Mike will finally become a full boy!!!!!!
10 months ago
BestialGuy CPhT
RT podcast? Fuck that! IB all the way!
11 months ago
babylon206 Sponsor
Does anyone know if this will be streamed??
11 months ago
it wont be
#1  Posted 11 months ago
Woo! Ib back in action 1 last time? YE-YE-YE-YE-YEA
11 months ago
Adhdgriffin Ewok Punting
11 months ago
capWOOPYpant Guardian2015
This shit's gonna be so ca$h!
11 months ago
lydiaqcabose Mustachio
I'm hoping the RT Podcast panel will siphon some people off from this one....
11 months ago
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