Internet Box Podcast
July 6th, 2:00 PM, 2014 to 3:00 PM, 2014 in Room 18 at RTX 2014
Our podcast might be over, but we’re bringing it back one more time for you- the people! Come to our panel, and join us for the IB Reunion.
7 Hosts
Lindsay Jones
Ray N.
Kerry Shawcross
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huge decision, this or rt podcast. at least the rt podcast will probably be streamed and or recorded, ill be there for this internet box reunion!
9 months ago
IanTatum Sponsor
This, this is the main reason i'm going.
8 months ago
EmptyPages Mistborn
Will this be audio recorded for us lowly fans?
8 months ago
SnarkyShawn Psychic
:( hopefully those who miss it might be able to get the audio. If not oh well.
8 months ago
DeathBat6661 Sponsor
Im glad ill get to see the IB crew together, even if most of them cant stand each other anymore. Internet Box Forever!
8 months ago
AnthonyRioja awkward king
of course im gonna be here.
9 months ago
Bigmasonmc Sponsor
I'll stand in line as long as I need to! Ahhhh it's during the RT podcast panel. This is a big decision!

Post edited 6/10/14 8:35PM
9 months ago
Guys this is it, Mike will finally become a full boy!!!!!!
8 months ago
BestialGuy CPhT
RT podcast? Fuck that! IB all the way!
9 months ago
babylon206 Sponsor
Does anyone know if this will be streamed??
9 months ago
it wont be
#1  Posted 9 months ago
Woo! Ib back in action 1 last time? YE-YE-YE-YE-YEA
9 months ago
Adhdgriffin Ewok Punting
9 months ago
capWOOPYpant Guardian2015
This shit's gonna be so ca$h!
9 months ago
lydiaqcabose Mustachio
I'm hoping the RT Podcast panel will siphon some people off from this one....
9 months ago
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