RTX 2012 Presents: Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch: Movies for the Masses
July 7th, 10:30 AM, 2012 to 11:30 AM, 2012 in The Canyon at RTX 2012
Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch, creators of the freddiew YouTube channel and co-creators of Rocketjump.com ruminate on creating content for the online audience in a world without middlemen at an expo created by guys who've been doing that for much longer. Join them as they regale you with stories from the trenches, and talk about the potential future of online content.


Freddie Wong
Brandon Laatsch
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arvawter Austin
It'd be nice to have a few panels next year that you get access into by being the first 100 or so to either buy a ticket or first 100 mark that your attending the panel on the site.
3 years ago
jelert6 Sponsor
Gonna be awesome!!
3 years ago
conrad500 Engaged
I'm all about that BrandyL
3 years ago
I hope this means you guys at Rooster Teeth make at least one video together: The most Epic RT Short in the World
3 years ago
How could you not go to this?! This is going to be freaking sweet!
3 years ago
3 years ago
ZerrecO50 Sponsor
Too bad I DIDN'T get to see him since 3000 people at the convention decided to line up for all the panels. Sure wish I knew that ahead of time. I didn't even get to see ONE panel I said I would attend. Next year, half the room should have pre-booked seats.
3 years ago
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