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22 year-old male from Nottingham, England
I'm on Twitter. If you have a problem with the site, Adam's your guy.
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Ben RT Cast & Crew
RT music fans, want to win 3 months of Spotify Premium?Do you like listening to sounds? Preferably sounds that form a melody? Chances are that you like music, and if you like music, you'd love Spotify. If you've not heard of it, it's basically all the music you could want, streaming instantly over the internet.

Me and the lads at Spotify are throwing a little bit of a cheeky competition, and as part of it we're giving away THREE MONTHS of Spotify Premium to one lucky devil, which gives you unlimited ad-free listening on your computer and your mobile device. Basically, completely unlimited music wherever you are. Now that's NOT a faff.

But Ben, how do I win such a thing?
Easy. Just follow the official NTU profile, and also at least one playlist on that profile. The more playlists you follow, the greater your chances

Good luck x
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