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2) I'm here to help.

3) If reporting something, please be detailed. Thank you!

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On HarassmentI don't want to sit here and tell you something like you don't already know it. You're a pretty smart lot.

You've read it. You know it's an issue. I've seen it.

Before I became an Admin I was harassed. When I needed an RT Mod, there was one. When I became a Mod, I changed my profile to say, "I READ ALL MESSAGES", because I remembered that odd sensation of having a problem and not knowing exactly what to do with it, if anyone would even read or respond to it. That's why I'm here.

This is a welcoming site and if you're not feeling that, if you are being harassed, bullied, reach out to a Mod or an Admin. The website's user population continues to grow and with it the level of active users. There's going to be disagreements, criticisms, it's part of growing as a community. But if there's harassment going on that isn't being reported, if you're concerned about someone, let us know. We're here to help.

I gathered from talking with users that there's some common confusion.

How do I contact you with an issue? Where can you even find Mods and Admins, other than by going through someone's friend list? Mods and Admins are beneath the Cast & Crew page. The most recently active one will always be in the top left.

Can I block someone? Absolutely! On the left, underneath their friends list, in tiny print is the word "Block" and it removes them from just about everywhere within your field.

Should I contact a Mod or an Admin? Some Mods look out for certain forums. Some Mods look out for all of them. If it's a problem beyond the forums, generally contact an Admin.

What is the anti-harrasment policy? It's the one you signed up with right here.

I... don't know if I should report this. Try me.

I'm going to get all my friends and I'm going to "settle" this guy/girl out. No. Contact us.

I'm... Batman. No. Contact us.
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