RTX is a 3-day gaming and web culture convention hosted by Rooster Teeth! See the greatest new games, learn about the industry, and meet the best fans in the world! RTX will take place in Austin, TX on July 1-3, 2016!

SGC is the greatest party in gaming and ScrewAttack is STOKED to be bringing it to RTX! What can you expect from SGC at RTX? A giant freeplay game room, a giant freeplay arcade and some of the most fun and ridiculous programming ever put on an event stage. Once SGC begins it doesn't stop. We're 24/7 from the second RTX opens until RTX is over! You don’t want to miss this exciting event scheduled for July 1-3, 2016!

All purchased tickets will be good for both RTX and SGC at RTX events.
Tickets will go on sale in early 2016. Check back soon for more details!

RTX 2016 Location

Austin Convention Center

Address: 500 E. Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX 78701

Contact: +1.512.404.4000

Hilton Austin

Address: 500 E. 4th,Austin, TX 78701

Contact: +1.512.482.8000

check back soon for discounted room rates

JW Marriott

Address:110 E. 2nd, Austin, TX 78701<

Contact: +1.512.474.4777

check back soon for discounted room rates


What are Guardians?

Guardians are chosen Rooster Teeth Community members who dedicate their time and skills to help make RTX an amazing experience for everyone. Guardians provide support for attendees, special guests, Rooster Teeth cast/crew, and each other. Guardians are the customer service and crisis management front line of RTX. Guardians represent RTX, Rooster Teeth, and the RT Community. The RT Community is pretty incredible and we aim to bring the best (and those aspiring to be the best) community representatives into our Guardian ranks.

What makes a Guardian?

We look for applicants willing to do tasks assigned, sporting positive attitudes, patience, strong customer service skills, and a genuine desire to make the RTX experience awesome for everyone. We strive to make the show a safe place for all fans. Successful Guardians must be comfortable in crowds/crowded spaces. They must be able to deal with emergencies with a cool head. They must be willing to work with their team. We have a variety of jobs that range from super exciting to oddly mundane, but all jobs/tasks are important and necessary. We expect everyone to put their full effort into every task. Guardians must be 18+.

Submission Period

The Guardian application submission process will open on Monday, November 16, 2015. The deadline to submit your application is Monday, December 14, 2015. All applicants will be notified of our decision by the end of December. Click here to submit your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The Internet. For real. In Austin. RTX is a convention hosted by Rooster Teeth, where we celebrate internet culture and gaming. There are exhibitors, live events on our Gaming Center Stage, panels, activities, and more.
A: Yes. You have to be under 150 years of age. Sorry great-great-great grandpa! Other than that, no- there is no age limit. Anyone, of any age, can attend! Children 6 and under can get in free with a paying adult. However, please note that RTX does not provide children with supervision, so do not send your kids to the event alone if they cannot take care of themselves.
A: Yes, discounted hotel rates will be available when tickets go on sale in early 2016.
A: Tickets will go on sale early 2016.
A: Because he's honey badger.
A: The Guardian application process will begin on Monday, November 16th. We will post more information in the next few weeks.
A: Anyone can come to RTX, but if you're under 18, make sure your parent or guardian is aware that RTX is not responsible for you. Don't have your parent drop you off with the expectation that you will have someone to watch you.